Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone has the largest natural harbour on the African continent, allowing international shipping through the Queen Elizabeth II Quay in the Cline Town area of eastern Freetown or through Government Wharf in central Freetown.

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Through our local partner, QPSL, our local sugar import requirements are met by a combination of break bulk vessel and container logistics.

From our central warehouses in Freetown we deliver to multinational and domestic industrial food and beverage producers.

Our 17 stores, located throughout Sierra Leone, supply the rural areas with a number of basic commodities including sugar.

Our local repacking operation allows us to offer a 25KG and retail pack size options, in our own brand, to our clients.

With a dependency on 80% of its food consumption to be imported, it’s staggering population growth and young demographics make it a vital economy in which to participate. With our local partners, QPSL Limited, we not only supply sugar to the denser population of Freetown but have established numerous marketplaces in rural areas to make quality commodities easily available for purchase at competitive prices.