Our offering

What we do

We offer a bespoke and intelligent management of the commodity supply chain.

We physically source commodities from a global supply base and market them to customers all over the world. This means transporting commodities by sea, rail and truck, storing them, branding them and delivering them according to the specific needs of our customers. Because we market commodities from supplier to customer, we are able to add value throughout the supply chain.

Our comprehensive offering includes facilitating access to new origins, tailor-made merchandising and logistic solutions. End-to-end management of your sourcing needs, inventory control and delivery scheduling. We bring you an understanding of derivative and physical pricing mechanisms and drivers.

Simplify your business with our one-stop portfolio of services. Better integration of the commodity value chain gives you higher returns. Peace of mind is assured thanks to our responsible sourcing, traceability and secure movement of goods.

Our own distribution structures at destination offer you, as a distributer or manufacturer, a diversified and transparent supply chain. Our brands assure consistent quality at cost-effective prices.

Our process protocols ensure high-quality standards and a rigorous approach to supply chain management.


We Originate and Merchandise

By partnering with Carfax you gain access to an extensive network of global suppliers. You can exploit the mature relationships with producers and origin service providers we have built up over decades.

We advance your in-house appreciation of physical trade flow dynamics and build a range of price management tools. Our tailored sourcing strategy enables you to identify the most lucrative supply options.

We strive to deliver the finest quality commodities and food products to customers and consumers globally – products they can trust.


We Transport and Store

We carry commodities by sea, rail and truck. We store them securely and guarantee their reliable delivery to the quality specification you demand.

Our transport and storage solutions mitigate inherent risks throughout the product journey. Our destination warehousing smooths out supply disruptions and can bring you economic efficiencies when carry opportunities emerge in the market.

Our robust container freight sourcing competencies facilitates competitive access to the main sugar trade flows from the main origin countries.

Rigorous internal procedures are in place for the supervision of storage conditions, security and integrity of your goods inventory at the destination.


We Distribute and Brand

We extend our value offering and supply chain traceability though our Kenyan distribution operation by offering local wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers an ex-warehouse or delivered solution.

The Kenya office is the commercial development centre for our consumer brands. Here we identify opportunities to advance our existing brands as well as researching and launching new initiatives.

Our rice and noodle brands guarantee consistent satisfaction, quality and cost effectiveness.

A sustainable business always looks ahead. Our purpose – to create fair and sustainable value, for the benefit of current and future generations – recognises the social, environmental and economic components of long-term success.

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