Who we are

Carfax Commodities Upholding an exemplary standard of corporate governance.

Our governance objectives and compliance protocols assure effective, prudent and entrepreneurial management. Good governance is a precondition of our success.

Carfax Commodities has a fundamental commitment to sustainability and fairness. These ideals are especially evident within our approach to corporate governance.

From risk management to employee codes of conduct, our stringent approach reinforces our unwavering commitment to openness and accountability. This ensures enduring, trust-based relationships with all Group stakeholders.

Our Leadership Team is responsible for ensuring our values transform into tangible action, as laid out within the portfolio of key policies and Group operating procedures.

Leadership team
Compliance and Risk

Carfax Commodities’ Leadership Team ensure that the direction and growth of the business is in conformance with core Group values.

As well as setting the standard in our commitment to sustainability, the Board plays a key role in monitoring and controlling the risk and compliance processes underpinning our operations. The Company Directors retain responsibility for the scrutiny and approval of the company’s annual financial statements.

Davis Tan

Chairman and Director

Davis, in addition to guiding trading strategy, is specifically focused on supporting and building the financial capabilities of the Group.

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Pat Dean

Founder and CEO

Pat is the Managing Director overseeing the global operations of the Carfax Group. A multi-disciplined professional, he has over 20 years of experience at the leading edge of global sugar trading and distribution.

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A rigorous commitment to ethics stands at the heart of everything we do at Carfax Commodities. Our reputation as a trusted partner on a global platform rests on our ability to uphold the very highest standards of ethical business conduct. This responsibility is rooted in our code of conduct and other core policies that are adhered to at all levels of the Group.

Ethical Charter

We conduct our business with the utmost integrity. Ethical principles are at the core of our activities and the decisions we make. They set the standards of our behaviours and, by remaining steadfast to these values, we shall continue to develop Carfax Commodities in a sustainable way.

Carfax has implemented an Ethical Charter formalising the set of guiding principles of our Integrity promise. The Charter defines our standards for conducting business throughout the world. It serves as a guide to our employees when they could face dilemmas where the right choice would be otherwise unclear.

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Anti-corruption Charter

Our position on the issues of bribery and corruption is unequivocal. The offer, payment, authorising, soliciting and acceptance of bribes are practices unacceptable to Carfax. Besides being illegal, it is incompatible with our culture of integrity at Carfax Commodities. Our success is founded on our reputation as being an honest and reliable business partner.

We believe that any profit resulting from a business venture improperly obtained will be more than outweighed by the damage done to the long-term business objectives and reputation of Carfax Commodities.

Officers and employees may on occasions be faced with situations where what is acceptable and what is not acceptable is ambiguous. In recognising these circumstances, we have implemented our anti-corruption charter. The policy will ensure that all our employees and, where necessary, parties with whom we conduct business are fully aware of and compliant with our corporate principles.

Code of Conduct

Employees and directors at Carfax Commodities operate by the following code of conduct.

We ensure that:

  • Anyone working with us has access to a safe, secure and non-discriminatory work environment.
  • Employees behave professionally and in accordance with the law, including requirements relating to:
    • Anti-corruption
    • Anti-competitive practices
    • Sanctions and trade controls
    • Anti-money laundering
    • Prevention of criminal tax evasion
  • Gifts and entertainment are of modest value and align with local laws/ business practices.
  • Employees do not engage in actions that could create a conflict of interest with their roles at Carfax Commodities.
  • Employees take due care and diligence in handling any confidential information.
  • Company representation is restricted to employees authorised to do so by law or by delegation.
  • Employees maintain accurate and honest records accordingly.
  • We are constantly aware of our commitment to protect the environments and communities in which we operate.

We manage risk as an integral part of our business model. Continuously anticipating and responding to circumstances that have the potential to materially impact our business. The Directors define and enforce clear and conservative risk procedures, setting appropriate limits on risk exposure which are monitored on a daily basis.

Compliance Governance

For Carfax Commodities compliance is about more than just meeting standards. We are committed to operating our business in accordance with a strong set of ethical principles. We understand that our business operates within a complex and varied cultural, legal, political and economic environment. It is, for this reason, we have clearly defined processes to ensure our company follows all laws, regulations and ethical standards.

We manage our business in accordance with a stringent set of ethical principles and internal standards.

We operate in compliance with all laws and regulations of the territories and markets in which we do business.

We have clearly defined protocols to ensure universal compliance.

Risk Management

Carfax Commodities does not engage in derivative speculation operations. Futures are traded only as a pricing or hedging tool against our physical purchase and sale contracts. We actively manage market, counterpart, country and sanction risks.