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What we do

Our definitive experience is in sourcing, merchandising and distributing sugar.

By partnering with us you gain access to an extensive network of global suppliers and can exploit the mature relationships built over decades with producers and refiners. Our portfolio of sugar qualities include:

  • Refined granulated sugar from cane and beet
  • Crystal White sugar (60 to 200 ICUMSA)
  • Bagged brown sugar
  • COMESA origin bagged brown and white sugar
  • Speciality brown sugars
  • Liquid sugars

Did you know…

Ancient Sanskrit and Pali text suggest production of crystalline sugar, from sugar cane, started in Northern India 2,000 years ago. It was not until 1747 that a German chemist Andreas Marggraf discovered that the sugar in a sugar beet is identical to that in sugarcane. Only 50 years later, in 1802, did the first beet-sugar refinery begin operations.

Packaging Solutions

All of our sugar qualities are offered in the customary industry packing sizes that meet your business requirements.

Retail Packs

10KG to 50KG Bags

Big Bags

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