Importing over 500,000 metric tons per year, Ghana is the largest white sugar importer in the West African region.

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In partnership with QP Ghana, we import, bond, distribute and deliver sugar, rice and palm oil through our own distribution centres located in Tema and Kumasi. Our client base encompasses industrial food manufacturers, wholesalers and the “Mamas” who are the vibrant backbone of the Ghanaian commodity markets.

The team’s success in Ghana is thanks to the relationships QPGH has built from their established palm oil operation. QPGH’s facility in Accra repackages bulk edible oils into a multitude of SKUs to exactly suit the demands of the consumer.

Our positive growth is based on our ability to understand and quickly adapt local market operations in response to the volatile economic dynamics of international markets. The team is focused on ensuring they are equipped with the technical insight and market intelligence to properly manage the changes in FX rates, global commodity prices and freight markets. We monitor, analyse and model the sugar, rice and palm oil import economics to effectively trade the world versus local market convergence. We also scrutinise salient factors for the countries of origin of the products we distribute so that we can optimise purchase and import decisions for timing and volume.

We are committed to bring not only competitively priced staple foods to our customers but also dependable insight and advice in the ever-changing commodity landscape

Our Promises are central to our Purpose, Values and Objectives.
They are the foundation on which our business is built. They form the essence of our relationship with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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