With its own commercial brands, Flamingo food products are packaged for ongoing distribution directly into the consumer marketplace.

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Flamingo Brands manages both a commodity distribution operation and an FMCG food business. Our commodity business imports, stores and delivers sugar and rice to wholesale and industrial Buyers.

We offer import, handling and financing as a standalone service to other businesses, allowing companies to leverage on our commodity expertise and distribution structure. Technical insight and market intelligence provide us and our clients with a clear view of the ever-changing commodity landscape. Our highly experienced team monitor, analyse and model the rice and sugar production, consumption and weather dynamics of the East African region. We also scrutinise salient factors for the countries of origin of the products we distribute so that we can optimise purchase and import decisions for timing and volume. The FMCG food division distributes it own brand of instant noodles and is the appointed distributer of a global beverage brand and a Kenyan retail sugar brand.

Feeding a growing population

Kenya’s population has doubled over the last 25 years, to about 40 million people,
and rapid population growth is set to continue.

1 millionAccording to recent UN projections, Kenya’s population will grow by around 1 million per year.
3,000That’s a population increase of 3,000 people every day.
85 millionOver the next 40 years there could be of in excess of 85 million mouths to feed.

Our transparent, rigorous formal business processes, operating procedures, risk management ability, comprehensive research platform and global merchanting experience in Kenya has allowed us to expand our business into the East African region.

The capability to connect the global agricultural commodity markets with domestic is allowing us to transform into a leading supply chain manager of basic foodstuff needs in East Africa.

We offer our commercial and financial partners a more illuminated engagement with the commodity distribution opportunities in the region. Founded on business integrity and the strength of our word, we always deliver quality goods and services whist striving for sustainability and cost leadership. Our intention is to augment our business from being an importer and distributer of choice to a processor of add value food products, produced and sold in East Africa.

Flamingo Brands is our contemporary FMCG food distribution business. It was born out of the belief that our customers should enjoy high quality products at cost effective prices. Our brands parallel international standards but are proudly Kenyan.

Our offering is diverse. Cerealplus is a hunger quenching drink. Flamingo breakfast cereals offer a health and nutritious start to the day. Zoori instant noodles are enjoyed anytime of the day as a snack or a nourishing accompaniment to your lunch and dinner. Quality at a price that is delicious!

High-quality, convenient,
grain-based products made
for Kenyans.

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