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Who we are

We are a global tradermerchandiser and distributor of food commodities. We nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.

An exceptional understanding of the agricultural commodity market complexities coupled with a strong network of contacts. We are a trusted partner, adviser and friend to our clients. Offering insightful and bespoke supply chain solutions. Our purpose is to help them reach their goals whilst contributing to the wider society.

Global sourcing and delivery of food commodities to sustain the world around us.

Offering decades of experience, a strong global network, resourceful origination, competitive container freight sourcing and an incisive grasp of logistics chain complexities.

Shouldering the fulfilment burden, we enhance value by connecting the origin producer with the ultimate consumer in a much better way. Our management expertise and on-the-ground experience of all aspects of the supply chain assures your cost-effectiveness. Our customers gain personal advantage from the leverage we provide.

Our team provides exceptional personalised support to each customer.

We provide you with the ability to better navigate the complexities of today’s modern commodity business. Clients are assured of an attentive, hassle-free, secure relationship. If your business is food commodities, we are confident that we can add value to your supply chain.

In our dynamic markets, we engage passionately, remaining steadfast to our principals of fairness and integrity. Our ethical charter defines the principals that direct the behaviour of our team and establishes the manner in which we do business with stakeholders.

Our governance objectives and compliance protocols assure effective, prudent and entrepreneurial management. Our Board of Directors is diligent in ensuring the direction and growth of the business is in conformance with core company values. From risk management to employee codes of conduct, our stringent approach reinforces our unwavering commitment to openness and accountability.

We are a value-driven enterprise. Our ethical stance and commitment to sustainability is reflected in our actions and interactions.

We are acutely conscious of the clear and present danger of man-made climate change. Our industry must respond to those challenges. Using utmost endeavours, we will join with others acting in common purpose to realise the targets of the Paris Agreement.

Through Flamingo Commodities in Kenya the Group owns Distribution capabilities in East Africa.

In this flourishing and key region, we are cultivating local partnerships as we move more downstream and diversify our portfolio. Our brands offer consistent quality and cost effectiveness.

Our locations

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The Head Office of our global operations and location of the Group’s main financing and banking activities. Our Group finance and accounting functions are based here as are members of our worldwide operations team.



Execution of global trading strategy and management of our East African distribution business takes place here. Geneva’s ideal time zone facilitates seamless blending of Brazilian origination, MENA trading and distributing activities with our finance hub in Singapore.



The Head Office of Flamingo Commodities, the Group’s Kenyan distribution business. Commercial and Finance Directors oversee the operations of their local teams. Our Mombasa satellite office is responsible for import logistics, storage and regional marketing.



The incorporation location of Carfax Commodities Limited, the Group’s holding company.